Pinot Noir, the heartbreak grape. It’s a picky little woman, but when you get it right, you get it SO very right!  Pinot Noir is also a very seductive grape, and one that I go back to over and over again.  The beauty of this wine is that it is extremely susceptible to the local terroir, and I can really taste the differences between Carneros, Russian River Valley, and Santa Lucia Highlands.  Each growing area has tell tale flavor profiles, while adhereing to the beautiful baseline of earth that drives Pinot.  After the release of Sideways in 2004, a huge resurgence in Pinot lovers emerged.  Now, there has been some backlash against that, but I still love it.  Pinot Noir seems to be a more mature wine in many ways, and for me – a more experienced palate can appreciate it.  I still love Zin, but more often than not I reach for a bottle of pinot.

Affairs of the Vine is once again presenting the 7th Annual Passionate about Pinot Noir Summit.  This year’s event takes place on April 5th, at the Marin JCC. The 7th Annual Pinot Noir Shootout will showcase Pinot Noirs from near and far, including Chile, France, Australia and of course, California and Oregon.

The Summit is our unique opportunity to taste the top 40 finalists in the shootout blind.  We then get to compare our results to the judges results!  After the Shootout – Final Showdown, attendees are invited to attend Pinot specific seminars such as Food & Pinot Pairings, A Question of Style, Discovering New Stars and more.  Finally, at the end of the day, there will be an unveiling of the blind tasting, as well as an award ceremony.

Having attended this event last year, I can tell you it was not only extremely enjoyable, but VERY educational.  In fact, this is where I first met, and inspired my friend Liza (@brixchick_liza) to start her illustrious blog, BrixChicks! If that wasn’t worth it, I don’t know what is.  I hope you can join myself, Valerie (@winedog), and Shana (@sharayray) for some Pinot Passion!

Tickets are $100, but discounts can be obtained HERE.  You can purhcase tickets HERE. For complete details about this event, please see the Affairs of the Vine webiste.

Happy Drinking and I look forward to a full post event report!





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