I am a huge fan of the simple dinner.  Being a single girl, I like to come home, kick my feet up and open something tasty to drink.  Dinner is a necessary evil, so I look for the simple solution.

Such was the case one day a while ago, when I looked in the fridge and noticed that I had pretty much nothing left but a few leftover cheeses and of course, bacon.  Assuredly, I had in my trusty cabinet, several boxes of pasta, so off I went to make MacDaddy & Cheese for supper.

I have to say, this was, without a doubt, one of my best bacon works to date.  This is a grown up’s Kraft Dinner, and it’s very simple.

First, prepare the pasta to your liking.  I suggest slightly al dente, because you will be cooking it with the cheese mixture.

While the pasta is cooking, make the bacon.  I personally use the microwave because it’s fast and easy, and I’m mixing the bacno anywya.  If i were eating the bacon alone, I might bake or fry it up.  Drain on a towel and set aside.

Drain the pasta when done, and add back to the pot.  With the head on medium low, add about 1/4 cup milk.  In to that, I added about 3/2 cup chunked sharp cheddar, 1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese, and some other odds and ends of the cheesy variety.  Really, you can add whatever kind of cheese that you have in the fridge, because this is a dish best made when you have a bit of everything.  The only requirement is that add the blue cheese.  This is what makes this dish sing.

Gently cook the pasta until the cheese is melted and the milk is absorbed and it is creamy.  Then, crumble the bacon and add to the pot.

With this, I served a dark and smoky Cabernet Sauvignon.  I would try to find one that isnt’ a fruit bomb, because the dark rich tobacco and leather of an old world Cabernet will go better with the blue cheese mixture.

The result of this minimal effort8 is a truly amazing grown up dinner that you can make in a flash on a night in!

Happy bacon-ing!



5 thoughts on “MacDaddy, come to mama! A bacon friday post.”

  1. Whoa, don't let my sweetie see this, because this will replace her penne, peas and pancetta as the Friday night staple; and then she'll drink all my Robert Mondavi Cabs too;-) Inventive post. I'm cooking this tonight as a change of pace. Do you have a favorite CS to suggest?

    DrncPno (aka – John Corcoran)

  2. This is uniquely delicious sounding, Thea! Plus any recipe that has "MacDaddy" in its name is going to be a hit with me! Thanks for sharing.

  3. oh my gosh it was so so so very tasty 😉
    The Cameron Hughes Chalk Hill Cab is great and a cheap thrill! I'm all above good values lately.

    Experimentation is the key!

  4. Yummy! Try substituting white wine for the milk in the cheese sauce. I have not done it myself but I have others stating it was double-yummy.


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