Oh what a beautiful day!  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I was off to Napa at the dreadfully early time of 10am.  At first I grumbled my way up 121, but as I enjoyed the mellow ride through the Carneros countryside, I realized, that I should be grateful that I live here and that I am able to attend the Blogger Summit at St Supery.

When I arrived, I was greeted by my blogging buddies DrXeno, Shana, Russ, Lisa, Jim, and the ever late but still entertaining Brix Chicks (Janesta, Liza & Xandria).  As they poured the Sauvingnon Blanc, we meeted and greeted, until I was drawn by the sense of bacon.  Thank god!  The St. Supery team, and specifically Lesley Keffer Russel (@lesleykeffer) had kept close tabs on us on Twitter, and knew the power of the bacon upon bloggers.  Additionally, we had croissants of all flavors, and a quiche that was stunning.

Once we were fed and happy, we meandered in to the front yard.  Ok, the vineyard, where Josh Antsey who had been up all night, guided us through the inner workings of vineyard management and the finer points of terroir in terms of the Napa Valley.  After our nature walk, we went upstairs to the tasting gallery, where we were treated to a tasting of their winery only exclusives, a rare treat.

  • 2007 Semillion – this 100% semillion was a rare treat, with honey, apricots, crisp but still rich.  I tasted a lot of citrus fruit, specifically Meyer lemon.  It was very refreshing with a long lingering finish.  With only 30% new oak, this wine had a great balance of fruit, with a touch of spice.  Only 607 cases were made, so you better run out and get some!  $24
  • 2006 Malbec – 75% Malbec 25% Cab Sav. Lots of plum and dusty blue fruit.  Malbec is a persnickety grape, and not very people grow it in the US.  It is prone to rot on the vine when it get wet, and can cause a lot of issues.  However, this was a lovely wine.  The addition of the Cab gives this fruit bomb a backbone, and the ripe cherries were touched with a hint of oak.  $40
  • 2006 Cab Franc – 75% Cab Franc 14% Cab Sav 11% Merlot.  Lots of leather and tobacco.  Plums, dusty blackberries, and earth.  This wine was plush and soft, but still bold.  I enjoyed the dusting of cocoa at the end.  $50
  • 2006 Rutherford Merlot – 93% Merlot 7% Cab Sav.  Blackberries, pepper, and purple!  Flavors of black cherry and baking spices.  I have really come to love merlot, and this is no exception.  $55
  • 2006 Petite Verdot – 89% Petite Verdot 11% Cab Sav.  Chewy and rich, with lots of plum and cassis flavors.  This is a huge wine!  $50
  • 2005 Rutherford Cab Sav – 87% Cab Sav 8% Petite Verdot 5% Merlot.  Classic Rutherford dust.  Dark plums, leather, smoked meats, cedar.  This is a great wine that is rich and elegant.  I love a good Rutherford cab and this is no exception.  Yum!  This wine, I didn’t spit.  $80

After our all too brief session upstairs, we went outside under the giant oak, where we were greeted by a 3 course lunch prepared by the vineyard chef, Ron Barber.  Our wine pairing lunch was absolutely delightful in the cool shade of the tree, and GG the winery dog made fast friends with me.

For lunch we had:

  • Cheese Souffle with 2006 Virtú – Spicy and rich.  Preserved lemons, lime leaves.  Rich mouthfeel with juicy stone fruit.  A bit of mineral on the finish.  $28
  • Game Hen with 2004 Élu – Spicy smoke that paired perfectly with the hen.  Cherries & blackberries, silky & rich.  Complex but approachable.  Also came home with me!  $70
  • Cheese Plate with 2005 Dollarhide Cabernet Sauvingon – Blackberry, cassis, espresso.  This was delicious with both the cheese and the homemade truffles.  Really opened up after a few minutes and was firm and plush.  $80

Thanks so much to the graciousness of Leslie, Ron, Emma, Josh, and Michaela who spent the time teaching us about St. Supery, the family, the wines and the land.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn’t really want to leave.  I can’t wait to go back!



7 thoughts on “St. Supery reigns supreme over Napa Valley”

  1. Amazing! You've made me hungry and thirsty and oh so jealous! So this is the life of a wine country blogger: fantastic social media summits held at wineries with a heavy pour and a huge spread of food. Are there any openings currently? I'm available and write well when sober, brilliantly when wined up.


  2. Glad the storm waited and gave us a gorgeous day outside. Happy to know you enjoyed your time with us – that the bacon justified an early rise? I look forward to more of same with you soon!

  3. Indubitably! Can't wait to do it again. Maybe we'll get Megan (@sonadora) to pop in on the 18th heehe

    Such a great day, and another great evening on Monday with Skalli wines. Slurp! That write up is forthcoming 😉

  4. It was a beautiful day! I would love to think that this is everyday in the life of a wine blogger, but alas, those pesky real jobs get in the way sometimes (even for me). Never less, we are bless to be living in the area where we do and where we can quickly be transported into the wine world.

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