Recently, I was able to attend the annual Slow Food Wine & Food tasting in San Francisco.  While, there I had the opportunity to taste with Jay Kell of Verge Cellars, who is making some great wines up in Dry Creek Valley.  Jay got his start at Michel-Schlumberger, another one of my Dry Creek Valley faves, and continues the tradition of exceptional quality, small lot wines.

VERGE specializes in Syrah, but at The Golden Glass tasting, I was wowed by the Vioginer.  I am always looking for new and fresh whites to drink during the warmer months, and since I’m not a huge Chard swiller, Viognier is a great alternativ for those of us who don’t like a 2×4 in their glass.

The 2008 Dry Creek valley Viognier comes from the western edge of the valley, and the cooler location and North South planting helps the wine maintain it’s zesty acidity and crisp citrus burst.   I found this wine refreshing and lush, full of stone fruit flavors with a naturally creamy edge.  There was a citrus burst, lemon curd, and pink grapefruit soiree going on in my glass, and represents all of my favorite things about a great white wine.  There is a touch of Semillion blended in to the Viognier which gives it a rich mouthfeel and creamy finish that I just love.  100% stainless steel fermentation gives this a crisp edge and a subtle finish.

I’ve really been seeking out new wines recently, and while there certainly are a lot of misses in the white wine category, this is an affordable luxury at $24.

Happy drinking!


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