As some of you know, I cut my wine teeth on zinfandel.  It is a particular passion of mine, and I love exploring different zinfandels; to that end, I joined ZAP, the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers, almost 10 years ago so I could be surrounded by the bold stuff.  I’m excited to announce that I’m now working with the ZAP office as the ZinWorld Community Liaison, where it’s my job to spread the love of Zinfandel to zin lovers, zin producer members, and prospective members via ZAP’s social network -z

On ZinWorld, you can browse member wineries, see what deals ZAP members get, and find out who makes zin from a region near you.  Zin World is a public area on the ZAP website, where you can find out general information on zinfandel, research member wineries, find out what is happening in the zin world, and just have fun.  Members can create a profile, and you can connect with other zin lovers.  I love it as a resource for finding out who is having events, as well as what discounts ZAP members get.  Sometimes you can find that the events and perks going on are worth the ZAP Membership fee.  Check it out!

Additionally, many of you might now that I am a contributing editor for the new online wine zine Palate Press.  We’ve launched!  The first edition is currently online and drawing attention.  Natch, my first piece was about the history of zin, so go check it out over HERE!

As a companion to that, I’ve reviewed a couple of yummy specimens from Sobon Estates here.  It’s interesting to taste a Primitivo and a Zinfandel side by side, considering that they are genetically twins.  I didn’t find them identical at all; similar yes, family members definitely.  But the same?  Nope!  Check it out for your self.

2007 ReZerve Primitivo – 96% Primitivo / 4% Petite Syrah

I really loved this wine.  It comes from one of the oldest plantings from Shenandoah Valley, and is full of dark brooding mystery.  Lots of dark loganberry, cocoa powder, dark plum, earth, cinnamon sticks, dark baking spices.  $24

2007 ReZerve Paul’s Vineyard Zinfandel – 96% Zin / 4% Petite Syrah

At 15.2% ABV, you’d expect this to be a bruiser but it’s nicely balanced while still being bold.  Blackberries, chocolate, plums.  It’s got the earthy quality of Sierra Foothills zin that I really enjoy, but still keeps a lot of the bold fruitiness that makes it a zin.  $24

*While these were sent to me as samples from Sobon, I would gladly go out and buy them for myself.

For fun, go out and try some more Primativo.  Some other producers that I know about are listed here, but there are MANY many more!

Go explore, try some Primativo today!  For help locating producers, try Able Grape, the web’s wine search engine.



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