September is California Wine month!  Ok fine, so if you know me, you know that every month is California wine month, but this is the officially sanctioned month to enjoy California wine like you’ve never enjoyed it before.  September is the start of harvest time, and this month celebrates our ideal climate for wine, beautiful wine country landscape, and talented winemaking families.

2009 is the fifth annual celebration of California Wine Month, and it’s also a great time to celebrate Zinfandel. It’s no secret that I love my zin.  In fact, if you read my WBW piece or follow my car around (my vanity plate says ZINNIN1 in case you haven’t been to see me), you know how much I love zin.  Lucky for me, there is a lot of this juice around.

On Saturday, September 19th, the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley are hosting an event at the Lak
e Sonoma Recreation Area that focuses on the unique zins from this region.  Now, I not only made a zinfandel from Dry Creek at Crushpad this past year, but there are tons of my favorite wineries participating!  (partial list of my faves.  For a full list, click HERE)

Since it’s almost Labor Day and there is a lot going on, I’ve listed some other highlights here as well.

The festivities start at 2pm, when there is a wine tasting of Sav Blanc, other unusual white wines, Zins, and more reds to get things started.  This tasting is a change to tour Dry Creek while standing still at the park, and tasting over 50 wines.  Over 30 wineries will be in attendance, and you can sip your wines of distinction while walking around the artisan market and rocking out to the SoulShine blues band.

There will be food by Park Avenue Catering, which has the unique distinction of being Sonoma County’s ONLY certified green catering company.  Quite an accomplishment when you consider what goes in to running a successful catering enterprise.  There will also be music from 2-5, and a chance for you to have your own Lucille Ball moment stomping the grapes!

Tickets for this event are usually $75, but for my readers, you can get 30% off by entering coupon code zin at checkout.  This makes the tickets a more affordable $50, and worth it – that’s about $1 a taste of wine, plus all the food and fun!



2 thoughts on “Here a zin there a zin, everywhere a zinzin!”

  1. Old McDwelle had a vineyard
    And in that vineyard she had some Zin
    With a zin-zin here
    And cin-cin there
    Here a zin
    Here a cin
    Everywhere a zinzin

  2. I work at a winery in Napa…3 years ago Cal. wine month was a big deal…last year, barely anyone acknowledged it!

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