In this case, a bottle of Broll Mountain Vineyards 2004 Syrah from Calaveras County.  I first discovered Broll Mountain through a chance meeting at a ZAP volunteer event, where @brixchick_liza and i met Roger & Ginger, who are retirees who work part time at Broll Mountain.  As chance would have it, the winery is in Murphys, which is one of my favorite wine getaways.  you might know about my addiction to all things twisted and rubber.  Rubber CHICKENS that is.

This wine is deep and dark, with an earthy blackberry nose, with a touch of cherry syrup.  It drinks quite dry, and evokes flavors of vermouth, with smoked meats.  After a few sips, I’m finding it has quite a floral note to it, and I am almost drinking liquid violets and rose petals, with some great dark fruit behind it.  It’s quite tannic but i think it would be awesome with food, and it has a lingering dark chocolate was only $19, so I definitely buy this again if i came across it.

“Nose is earthy, brambly attack with plums and black cherry.  A classic Syrah, meaty black fruit with olives and raspberries, cherries and rhubarb.  Tannins and dark chocolate finish.  Excellent paired with meats, cheeses and hearty food.”


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