So, you’ve seen my post on the little wine called Rockaway.  This wine is other half of Rodney Strong’s single vineyard high end Cabernet project, called Brothers Ridge
.  This vineyard sits between 400-1030 feet, in the hills above Cloverdale, and while it shares many similarities with Rockaway it is a very different wine and I enjoyed it for different reasons.

I did not use the Eisch glass this time, but I did decant this wine for about an hour before some old friends came to dinner the night before Thanksgiving.  Given that it was a celebration meal, I thought it was the right time to open something special.

This wine is rich rich rich, full of chocolate and coffee, with a hint of leather.  Even before I had it in the decanter, it was smooth and rich and simply lovely.  I tasted dark cherries, ceder, blackberries and cassis.  It was a chewy wine and had hints of beef jerky.  I truly loved this wine, even more than the Rockaway.   Part of it’s allure was the kick of chili pepper at the finish which surprises and delights.

I especially enjoyed the oak treatment of this wine, as it was subtle and deliciously matured for 22 months in 42% new French Oak, which has a terrific blaance and doesn’t overdo anything.

I would definitely splurge on this wine for a special dinner, but as it’s allocation only you should get in while you still can, and decide if you want to buy it when they release the next round.

Happy drinking!

This wine was provided by Rodney Strong, and as much as I would sometimes like to – I didn’t harm my brother while drinking it.  I also didn’t share, which well, is his bad for not being around :-p



4 thoughts on “O Brother, where fort art thou?”

    1. Yeah i really loved it! It is indeed 100%, and you can find the tech sheet on the site under "media"
      🙂 I think you'll like it!

  1. I love your site. Its so full of great information, that I as chef find VERY useful in thinking about what wine I should pair with food. After all that is what life is about, right? Food + wine= a very fine time!

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