Thunder and lightening and rain oh my!  What is it about winter weather that makes me want huge red wine.  Maybe it’s the way it warms me up, maybe it’s the romantic notion of red wine in front of the fireplace.  Whatever the reason, Michelle Lentz over at Wine-Girl has asked us to cozy up with a glass for Wine Blogging Wednesday.

As you may remember, Wine Blogging Wednesday is the brainchild of Lenn Thompson, whereby bloggers and wineaux around the world, blog on a particular theme once a month.  So this month, it’s all about what you drink when you’re tucked up inside while the weather outside is frightful.

So, while I have been known to tipple the Scotch and swig the Irish, wine is my passion – so off to the cellar i went.  A syrah popped out at me, in this case a 2005 Petroni Syrah that was a gift from my friends Chuck & Paige  WOW!  When I first poured this wine i could tell it was a bruiser, which is just what i would want on a day like today when we have had thunder, lightening, flash floods and sunshine.  Oh and howling wind.  No, I don’t like in Iowa, I live in San Francisco!  Anyway, back to the wine.

When i poured the first glass, I could see this would be a big daddy.  It was almost black in the glass, and the aroma is of blackberry jam on the stove, followed by stewed plums and cherry brandy.  The first sip makes me smile, because I taste coffee and bacon fat, while i chew on the big blue fruit.  The finish has a touch of black pepper, which adds an interesting finish to the wine.

The 2005 syrah is a blend of two blocks, both located on their estate in Sonoma Valley.  Both of these blocks are hillside plantings, which Petroni feels makes for phenomenal syrah growing.  The first block is the Hooker’s Creek  is on the lower, gentler South East facing slope on the eastern edge of our property.  This is the main source for the syrah, and the remainder is from the Diablo block which is located on a steep south facing slope in volcanic soil.  this is where the bruiser quality comes from.

Each block lot was fermented separately, which gives the winemaker more control over the finished product.  After the fermentation, the lots were blended and aged in 35% new French oak for 16 months, which gives a touch of spice and sweet toastiness without overpowering the wine.  Only 150 cases were produced of this big bold racy wine were made, so at $48 it really is a STRONG BUY if you are a syrah fan like me.  It’s not overpowered by fruit, and there is a lot of interesting stuff going on in the layers beyond the first sip.

The only thing I’m missing on my snow day here in the rain in a fire in the fireplace, but alas – it’s a spare the air day and I’m not allowed.  So I’ll pump up the heat, tuck my toes under a blanket, and watch some of my saved Tivo shows while sipping on this luxurious bottle.  Thanks Michelle for reminding me to slow down and enjoy the rain days!  Err, snow days.


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