Bar Bingo that is.  Have you ever been in a total useless meeting or concall at work and wish you had an escape?  Many of us who came of age during the digital revolution got our feet wet on Bullshit Bingo for our Palm Pilots in the 90s and early 00s.

Well, now there is Bar Bingo.  Happy hour just got a lot happier with this silliness.  Drink one of each of the drinks – 5 in a row and POW!  You win!  It’s actually pretty hilarious, especially if you’re game for a mix of drinks.

Did you get picked up?  B!

Wear your sunglasses inside because you’re so cool?  I!

Well the N is free so…

Text your future ex husband?  Or girlfriend?  G!

And finally, did the bartender show his flair with a shaker?  O!

You win!  Play with your friends in the bar and buy each other rounds.  Makes for a very interesting evening to be sure.

I have one of these Bar Bingo pads to give away, just comment on why you want to play bar bingo and I’ll pick a winner in the next week!

They also have Rate That Wine! which is a great tool for the beginner wine drinker to learn about some of the common attributes of wine when rating it.

Have fun!

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