I can’t believe it’s this time of year again!  Here we got, out of the harvest festival season and in to the holiday shopping season.  To help you facilitate this, the SF Vintner’s Market is back with their Harvest in the City event at Fort Mason, November 20th & 21st.

At this HUGE try & buy wine event, you can taste wines from all over California.  You just simply, taste, mark what you like, and buy it on your way out!  A novel idea in 2009, now, there are several events that do taste & buy, but this is a one of a kind gem that brings together wineries from all over.

The brainchild of Cornelius Geary and Jeff Player, founders of Wine 2.0 and RadCru.com, this event promises to be a good time.  With the economy still in the dumper, smaller wineries struggle to get their wares of there.  These event will get the winemaker closer to the customers, and allow us to buy what we like without searching out after a tasting.  In addition to the winemakers at many of the winery booths, we’ll be hosting a special section for “Major famous” winemakers and wine industry celebs where you can get a few minutes of personal time and a quick picture with the winemaker!

Some of my favorites are pouring, including Grey Stack, VinRoc, and Modus Operendi, plus a ton of other producers that I loko forward to discovering.

Tickets for the SF Vintners Market are $40 each day for General Admission, or $80 for a VIP ticket which allows you access to a special VIP section, pouring wines that are over $50.  But you, my gentle readers, are lucky.  I have a super secret discount code that will get you $10 off each day, or a huge discount of $40 off the Bounty Hunter All Access Pass, which gets you in the entire shebang.

Just enter “thea” in the discount code section and you’re set!

Hope to see you around, and I’ll be tweeting live under #SFVM10 (or something) to report on my likes & dislikes.

Happy drinking!

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