Brick by brick, Stone by stone.
That’s how you build a castle, and also a successful winery.

Tonight, the weather is crisp, and the rain has cleared up.  Butternut squash soup is cooking and I’m sipping on Cornerstone Cellars’ sister label Stepping Stone 2009 Syrah from Napa Valley.  I’m a huge syrah fan, and this is a great pick for budget minded wineaux.  It’s a great example of the grape, and rivals syrahs that retail for $35-40 easily.

The earthy plums and blue/black fruit come out in this rich bold wine, perfect for winter sipping.  It’s bold and velvety smooth, with hints of black pepper and licorice.  I really love this wine, and for $20 you simply can’t wrong.  MUST BUY

With the soup that was bubbling away, we had a touch of Creme Fraiche and bacon.  I think I might be able to eat an ENTIRE bucket of Creme Fraiche but that’s another story.

Please, go out and buy some Stepping Stone today!  My faves are the Cab Franc and the Syrah, so get both.  You can’t go wrong!

5 thoughts on “Putting the pieces together”

    1. Creme Fraiche has officially been ruined for me (just saw the episode last night), though strangely.. I know want a Shake Weight even more!

      I still need to try this wine!

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