Happy Thanksgiving, a few days late!  How are you holding up?  The big gobble fest has come an gone, , and you might be feeling the holiday rush upon you.  You know how it goes, the time flies by, the holidays are near, and you’re so busy you can see straight.  You need a vacation right?  Well I know *I* do.  Sadly, I can’t go anywhere for another few months, so I decided to have a staycation in my glass!

Today, I decided to head to the Navarra region of Spain.  I am totally unfamiliar with the area, and with most of Spain in general, so this was a great opportunity for me to explore a bit.  Today, I am trying two different wines from the Navarra region


The first wine I opened was the Principe de Viana 1423, which is a tempranillo, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and garnacha blend.  Think of it as a Spanish Super Tuscan if you will.

When I first opened this wine, I was struck by the bold fruit that jumped out of the glass.  It really smelled like it was going to be an average fruit bomb, but when I tasted it, the firm tannins and structure really made it lovely.  There were prunes, plums, blackberries and leather, but it was quite austere.  The 75% Tempranillo 7gives it a nice zippy flavor while keeping it chewy and interesting.  Toss in some Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Garnacha and you have  a pleasant blend that was fermented separately and aged for 18 months in American and French Oak.

This wine stands up to food, and full bodied without being overpowering.  Served with some yummy cheeses, this is a great buy at only $12.

The second wine I tried was the Bodeega de Sarria Senorio de Sarria no. 7, which is `00% Graciano.  Graciano is a Spanish red wine grape that is primarily grown in Rioja, but can also be found in wines by such rebels as Twisted Oak here in California.  These vines produce a bold, strong, and deep red wine which is suited to places like Spain and the Sierra Foothills, in the warm, arid climates.

This is a rich and spicy wine, with the flavor of salted plums and dark ripe berries.  It’s very different from the fighting new world varietals and is very interesting (paired with potato chips I might add).

These are great examples of Spanish wines at a great QPR.  Go ahead, experiment!  Take a staycation, you’ll be glad you didG. o ahead, have  a staycation in YOUR glass! It’s much cheaper than a plane ticket, and the TSA won’t give you something to talk about.

These wines were provided by Balzac Communications and the Wines of Navarra, but who’s asking anyway?

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