I’ve been struggling lately, to find things to write about.  My head is a bit blank, and I’ve yet to invest in the Creative Whack Packs to spawn some ideas.  (Truth be told I just bought these from Amazon because I was getting really frustrated that I couldn’t figure out what to write about).  With work, life, the holidays, and everything else piling up – I’ve been having a hard time finding something inspiring to write about.

Sometimes I get bored with writing wine reviews, because how many times can I tell you I love or hate a wine with it’s fruit forward and bold yet refined flavors?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

As we enter 2011, I need to find a way to get reinspired and undeflated, so I can at least commit to writing for you once a week.  How hard can that be?   To help me out, I decided to pick up my copy of Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking, which I’ve had in my house for almost a year.  Why I never got in to it, I can’t explain.  Now is the time!

Stay tuned for a new slant on 2011.  I’m dedicated to posting meaningful content at least once a week, and I’d like to see how well I can keep that up.

Since I’m headed to Spain & Portugal at the end of the month to participate in the Wine Pleasures’ International Wine Tourism Conference, I think I’ll be over this block soon.  If I’m not, I’m in trouble, since I”m presenting on Wine & New Media!  Wish me luck, and stay tuned for some book reviews, and hopefully some creative posts.

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