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It’s that time of year again!  Time for one of my favorite of the big tastings here in San Francisco, Rhone Rangers.  Rhone wines are diverse which is one of the reasons I love them.  At this tasting, you can taste over 500 wines from more than 100 producers all in one place.

The Rhone region of France is one of the oldest cultivated areas of wine.  Here in California, a similar climate has spawned a plethora of producers that specialize in the Rhone wine varitals.  Did you know that they were 22 distinct grapes that are Rhone?  There are both red and white Rhone grapes, and they create some delicious wines.  The region of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, is in the Rhone region, which is a classic blend of up to 13 variteis.

Since you are reading this, you probably know a little bit about the area.  If that’s true, I have a challenge for you.  If you can correctly name TWO of the lesser known Rhone Grapes (there are 22 in all), you will be entered in a drawing for a free ticket to the public tasting on Sunday March 27th here in San Francisco.  I’ll give you a hint: Syrah is classically co-fermented (and sometimes blended) with Viognier.  Grenache is also known as Garnacha in Spain.  Mouvedre can be called Monastrell but not if you call it Mataro.  Marsanne and Roussane are best friends.    Those are six of the 22 grapes – can you name two of the other 16?

Give it a shot!  If you name 2 of the rest of the 22 grapes correctly, and they can be Red or White, then you will be entered in a **random** drawing to win a pass to the Rhone Rangers Public Tasting here in San Francisco on Sunday March 27th.


Tickets are $40 each, so you can always buy one for your bestie to come with you!  Out of all of the correct answers, I will randomly pick TWO WINNERS.

While you’re in town, check out some of the Rhone Rangers seminars!  You could learn about the Green Rangers, growing things sustainably, or maybe Mouvedre on the move (one of my favorites).

Next up in Rhone News, is the world class and world famous Hospices du Rhone in Paso Robles April 28-30th.  This 3 day extravaganza of all things Rhone has been going strong for 19 years with tastings, seminars, and parties galore.  But more on that later, I just wanted to tease you a little bit – because I can.

Good luck and I hope to see your comments here, and I’ll see YOU at Rhone Rangers!

If you’re a Tweetie, please follow them at @RhoneRangers.  During the event we will be blogging and tweeting under the hashtag #rrsf to keep it short and simple.  While Ft. Mason isn’t known for it’s stellar cellular reception, you can usually find a corner to take your glass of yum to and tweet for a minute.


Editor’s Note:  I will select the two random winners on Friday, March 4th.  Please make sure I have your email / twitter / smoke signal address if not included in comments!


**obvious hint:  if you read about the event, there are many more of the 22 grape varietals mentioned!

27 thoughts on “Are you a Rhonely heart?”

  1. I see two people are going to the Radomizer! And i must say, I really do enjoy Carignan. BUT – Brandye – I need to try the Picpoul Blanc, don't think I've ever had it!


    1. Yes Eve, you SHOULD be doing your homework! But, instead, you might be joining us at Rhone Rangers!

      I'm getting thirsty, aren't YOU?

  2. Counoise & Picpoul Noir for reds.
    Ugni Blanc or Picardin for whites.

    Really just learning & tasting on the Rhone train….all aboard (but not leaving my Pinot). ; )

  3. Christonacrutch. There's like 12 different Grenaches. And it's not fair that I can't guess Mouvedre. Do I get extra points for having a Carignon currently open? I should. That's tough duty. And Petite Sirah is a different grape than Syrah. Just sayin'. Woof.

    And we smoked our signal so please use carrier pigeon. kthxbi

    1. Dog,
      bout time you woke up and woofed the Rhone!
      yes there ARE 12 different greanaches, but you can't guess that. Or moooooveddyrah.

      But since you know that Petite Sirah is not Syrah, you get an extra bazillllllion points for carignane!

      BTW which one is it?

      Drawing is at noon (ish) tomorrow!

    2. ps I won't use a carrier pidgeon unless you clean up their…GIFTS.
      But smoking your signal is always wise, especially when for medicinal porpoises.

  4. Yeah, OK there are some other good reasons to have white wine aruond. 1st thing in the morning a good glass of chilled Viognier is a fine way to wash down some advil, and a cold glass of Muscat Canelli sure does make goat cheese taste super. Chardonnay is also useful with caviar. However, if your playing an exciting game of strip bocce ball, a chilled glass of dry Syrah is best.

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