Are you looking for adventure?  Want some one on one time with some really great wine?

Then look no further! is a new dating site.


ok well not really.  BUT – it IS almost time for the 2nd Annual Russian River Single Vineyard night!  (And no, it’s NOT just for singles!)  What is this wild adventure you ask?  Single Vineyard Night is a celebration of single vineyard wines in the caves, where you can sip, eat and tweet some of the best that the area has to offer.

On June 4th, from 6:30-10, join single minded wineaux at Thomas George Estates in Russian River where you can wander the caves and meet more than 30 winemakers woh specialize in single vineyard wines.  Roving “Cellar Teams” will be promoting auction lots, and in a new twist, group bidding is encouraged to raise funds for Russian River Valley Winegrowers to continue their work to preserve the region’s agriculture legacy through marketing and education.  Targeted at millennials, the 20-30 somethings who are the biggest new group of wine drinkers since GenX grew up and became post boomer yuppies (oh hell, that’s ME!) young vintners and growers will be pouring their wares.

After the tasting, move on over to the  Thomas George Estates’ picnic grounds for the auction!   A no-host bar featuring wines that normally retail for under $25 (offered by the taste and glass) and “sliders” fresh off the grill for a small price will be available as well as other food items.  This year, one lot – hosted by Thomas George, will benefit a project sponsored by Coddingtown Mall, who donates gift cards to children from homeless shelters, Boys & Girls Clubs and other children’s groups to shop for school clothes.

Here are some of the kids pouring Single Vineyard wines:

  • Ancient Oaks, Siebert Ranch
  • Arrowood-Saralee’s Vineyard
  • Balletto Vineyards , selection of single vineyards
  • Benovia, Bella Una Vineyard
  • Desmond Wines, Estate
  • Dutton Estate Winery, Dutton Palms Vineyard
  • Dutton Goldfield, Freestone Hill Vineyard
  • Ferrari-Carano, Fiorella
  • Gary Farrell, Westside Farms
  • George Wine Company, Leras Family Vineyard
  • Graton Ridge Cellars, Bacigalupi Vineyard
  • Hop Kiln Winery, HKG Bridge Selection
  • Inman Family, Olivet Grange Vineyard
  • Iron Horse Vineyards, Rued Clone
  • John Tyler Wines, Bacigalupi Vineyard
  • Joseph Swan, Trenton View Vineyard
  • Korbel
  • LaFollette, DuNah Vineyard
  • Lauterbach Cellars, Estate
  • Longboard, Dakine Vineyard
  • Martinelli Winery, Lolita Ranch
  • Matrix Winery, Nunes Vineyard
  • Merriam, Willowside Vineyard
  • Merry Edwards, Klopp Ranch
  • Moshin Vineyards, Bacigalupi Vineyard
  • Mueller Winery, Vino Farms
  • Nalle Winery, Hopkins Ranch
  • Old World Winery, Estate
  • Papapietro Perry, Leras Family Vineyard
  • Russian River Vineyards, Estate Vineyards
  • Sandole Wines, Oehlman Ranch
  • Siduri Wines, Ewald Vineyards
  • Sonoma Cutrer, Owsley
  • Thumbprint Cellars, Saralee’s Vineyard
  • William Selyem, Flax Vineyard

Since I am unable to attend this year, both because I’m not longer single (don’t tell me you didn’t read my Facebook today!) and because I am booked, I am giving away two tickets to this event.  Yes!  TWO TICKETS!  Tickets are $45 each so that’s some moola right there. Please leave a comment here on this post telling me what you like most about Single Vineyard Wines to be eligible to wine!  Er win.  Winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 25th Thursday May 26th FRIDAY MAY 27TH (yeah you have to be 21 to attend youngsters).

Tickets to this event are $45 (presale, $55 at the door), or $80 for a VIP session that starts at 5:30.   I think it will be a blast!  Go forth and buy tickets.  It’s only $45! And you do not need a date, and you do not need to be single, you just need to love wine!



10 thoughts on “Are you single?”

    1. yes. In portugal didn't you know? heh
      Ok correction:
      I am no longer single (yet still unmarried)

      And you, miss "I don't do facebook" are missing the best of the best!

  1. Why do I love single vineyard wines? Easy…Im a terroirist! Single vineyard wines allow for the clearest expression of terrior- an unambiguous sense of place and origin. My fervent passion for wine is stoked by the nuanced story it tells. As such, the most alluring story line for me is one that has terrior as the protagonist. I'm also a major proponent of the ever increasing affinity for natural wines amongst both producers and consumers. The aforementioned being another practice that strives to showcase terrior.

    Look forward to the event and hope that I can be the fortunate one to take the two tickets off your hands 😉 Cheers!

    1. LOVE IT! I agree – there is so much expression in a single vineyard wine!
      Good luck 🙂

  2. WELL…. I actually don't know Single Vineyard Wines that well, but I'd LOVE to! I'm used to Washington Wine Country and just moved to SF from Seattle, plus I'm single, so this event is right up my alley! I've bookmarked your blog and am looking forward to getting to know all about SF wine events and California wines! xoxo

    1. Welcome to the BEST city on earth! I love Seattle but SF is just better. Well ok I'm biased…but yes! you'll love getting to know the single vineyard wines around here! 😀

  3. Wow, single vineyard wines show the uniqueness of this place we live, how different it can be just a few feet over. But best of all, it puts the nuance of the entire wine producing world or California on parade!

    1. Great point Tom! I mean after all, CA is the best. heheh ok not really. No wait really. No.

      I just enjoying tasting the terroir! No where else in the world do we have such microclimates of winemaking!

  4. Ohhhh Thea!

    1. Congrats on finally making 20dollarwinebrat official on the Facebooks.
    2. Single Vineyard Night is all about single vineyard wines from THE BESTEST region ever — Russian River Valley!! 😉

    Miss you!

    1. Shana banana i miss you more! And hey are you trying to win a free ticket? lol
      yes it's true, we are…FACE book official. One step closer to 20DollarBrat!

      wish I could be there but you will have to REPreSENT!

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