How would you like to drink some tasty wine, and donate to charity at the same time?  Well you can!  It’s true, there IS such thing as charitable drinking.  There are several wine projects out there that in part, or in full, donate proceeds to various charities.  In this case, Charity Case Wines were developed by the Charity Case Foundation, which was created in 2008 during a particularly crappy season.

The Foundation was created by a collective of wineries from Napa Valley, and created the Charity Case brand.  The philosophy of the foundation is to give all of the proceeds to those in need, without spending additional resources on tradditional marketing, or winery red tape.  All of the work to make the Charity Case wines is done by volunteers – including wine making, corking, bottling, and marketing.  That is a pretty spectacular endeavour considering how a hectic crush season can be!

For the 2008 vintage, there were four charities that benefited:  The Wolfe Center, Cope Famly Center, Aldea Children Y& Family Services, and Foster Kids Fund.  You can read more abou these organizations and others that Charity Case has supported HERE.

Today, the sun is shining and it’s a glorious late spring (yay summer is nearly here!) fogless San Francisco day, so I broke out the 2008 Rose.  This wine is a random blend of several varietals from Napa, and is a deep rose color.  Huge strawberry aromas, rhubarb pie and peach puree come through in the glass.  A touch of lime zest is also showing.  Crushed red raspberries in the bottom of a summer basket are popping in my mouth, combined with orange blossom water.  This tastes like a cabernet rose, which has a lot more bite than a syrah or pinot rose; it is dense and chewy, and would be fabulous with bbq chicken or other stronger flavors.  Typically, I prefer a more subtle rose, but this is fun for a change of pace.

This is a fun little wine and would be a great guest at a barbeque or just for fun!  At $12, it’s a great picnic addition, and you can’t beat that price for the cause.

Happy drinking!@

Thanks to Charity Case for providing some cool summer sippers

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