Ahh Lake County.  Home of Indian Casinos and the Konacti Harbor Resort, where you can see the best of 70s and 80s has been bands.  Ok just kidding.  Not really.  But really.

Did you know that Lake County is also home to dozens of wineries?  Some of the areas oldest wineries include the Langtree Estate Winery (formerly Guenoc), which sits on the grounds where Lily Langtree, minor British royalty and silent film star, once lived.

For over a hundred years, visitors would escape the city life and crawl over Howell Mountain to get to the Guenoc Valley, gateway to Lake County.  Lake County is so named for the largest freshwater lake in California (Lake Tahoe is the largest that shares area with Nevada), which is believed to be one of the oldest lakes in North America.  Clear Lake used to be even larger than it is now, once joined with the smaller Blue Lake, and has only one outlet – Cache Creek.  The Volcanic soil deposit from nearby Mt Konacti creates a perfect climate for wines.

The Lake County Winery Association is happy to show off some of these wines by bringing them to San Francisco (yay!) on August 20th, with a tasting event of some of the local wares.  Wines With Altitude will showcase how Lake County, it’s own AVA and vasty different from neighboring Napa Valley, has a uniuqe terroir and flavor.

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This event will feature some of Lake County’s best, and is being hosted at Winery SF – a new venue on Treasure Island where some of my favorite local, VERY local, wines are made (VIE and Sol Rouge).  Featured wineries will include Beaver Creek Winery, Cache Creek Winery, Gregory Graham Wines, Langtry Estate & Vineyards, Rosa d’Oro Winery, Shannon Ridge Winery, Shed Horn Cellars, Six Sigma Ranch & Winery, Sol Rouge, Steele Wines, and Vigilance Winery.

Tickets for the tasting on Treasure Island are $35 if you buy them now – $50 after August 4th.  You can also get a VIP ticket which includes a special tasting, logo class, and olive oil tasting.

A few weeks later, the Lake County Wine Auction will take place on September 17th in Nice.  No, we’re not going to France.  Nice is really very…nice!  About 2.5 hours north of San Francisco, Nice is the center of Lake Country wine industry.  This auction celebrates the bounty of Laek County, and tickets are $75 ($150 for a Reserve ticket with food & wine tasting, as well as dinner & dancing).

Over 3.0 wineries will be offering samples of 100 different wines, and 25 chefs will show off the bounty of Lake County at Ceago Vineyards, Jim Fetzer’s biodynamic showpiece.

The Live Auction is the gem of this event.  Lots of  getaways, fine art, winery tours and tastings to reserved wines and winemaker dinners will be offered, and there will certainly be some great deals!

And once again, all proceeds go to local charities, so you really are eating and rinking for charity.  HOw can you resist/


Hope to see you out and about enjoying the tastes of Lake County!

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