So it’s been about a month since I moved to wine country for the weekends.  That’s right, the WineBratSF is now WineBratHBG Thursday through Sunday!  while I spent the vast majority of my time up here on weekends anyway, there is a uniqueness about being a true local, and being able to walk home after dinner.

When my someone batty and completely crazy downstairs neighbor moved out of the city place, I got a new neighbor who trades me farm fresh fruit and veg for wine.  Sounds like a deal right?  with some 40 odd cases in my cellar, that’s a deal I can’t pass up.  Here in Healdsburg, friends and neighbors drop off bags of produce for us to enjoy.  No more CSA for this girl!

Things slow down up here after hours, and I am learning to give up my city girl time zone.  Dinner at 6?  So what.  It’s 6:30.  Things aren’t that importnat.  Need groceries?  Pop over to the local grocery and you’re bound to run in to a friend and chat for a while.  Need coffee?  Well, again, enjoy that Flying Goat and the 3 folks you know that are also hanging out.  I love that!

Some of the other things that I am really enjoying about being a townie are:

  • Walking to my favorite eatery on the square, and waddling home after gorging on amazing food and wine
  • Walking to Garagiste Healdsburg, a scant 2 blocks away, and hanging out on the patio after 5pm.
  • Be able to walk to the store, the library, the winery, the square!
  • Sitting on our back patio enjoying a late Sunday glass of wine
  • Avoiding the crowds but enjoying the best of what wine country has to offer
  • Going to see freinds for harvest lunches and not having to drive 1+ hours home
  • The chillaxed quality of life!  Being able to sit on the sofa, and not having to do anything, but being able to do a lot at arms reach.
  • Playing host to friends that come play for the weekend near or far.
  • Locals discounts for SoCo events and treats

I’ve always wanted to be a permanent resident of wine country, and while I still yearn to do that, this is a great compromise for a working girl who needs to be in the office during the week.  It’s the best of both worlds!

Welcome to the Burg!  Hope to see you around soon!

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