You know the show, similar to The Real World, where 7 strangers are chucked in a small RV (aka the Winnie) and scoot off around the country on missions of adventure.  Throw in some wine, and I’m all in.  Nevertheless, when I first found out one of the stops on our tour of the Kelowna region of British Columbia was an RV park, I had visions of Clark Griswold and bad episodes of septic pumping.  Luckily for me, I was completely taken aback at Canyon Farms.

When we first got to the facility, all I could see was a small farm, with chickens and a large garden, bordered by the semi-rural home sites, and trees nearby.  Oh yes, and on one side there was a 5 star resort golf course.

photo courtesy of Canyon Farms

Little did I know that hidden behind a full scale organic poultry farm were eight RV parking spots, with full hookups.  The owners, Lesley Reid & Michael Coulthard, had gone to the extent of crating a bath house, with an internet surfing station that had wifi wafting in to the park.  You also have a washer and dryer, which everyone knows is required on a long road trip.

The best part of this hidden gem? Leslie will bring you farm fresh free-range eggs in the morning for your breakfast! If you’re lucky, you might be there in berry season and can send the kids out to pick some snacks in brambles nearby.

With the local wineries just a short bike ride or car ride away, you can make Canyon Farms your home base and stay a while. I had visions of renting an RV and going Road Rules style through the Okanagan next year…three bloggers, one wifi, and a whole lot of fun!  If you are interested in sponsoring us, driving us, or joining us, let me know.  I’m still figuring out logistics but it will happen.

photo courtesy of Canyon Farms

Leslie also runs a thriving floral business, specializing in Dahlias. The greenhouse has ample blooms, and you can see the vast array of flowers that are growing year round in this special spot.

Feel like stopping by?  Contact them on Facebook, or their website.  I know I am trying to craft a plan to visit!

Happy trails!

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