Here we are, jumping in to the holiday season with a bang.  Twice a year, the San Francisco Vintner’s Market, allows you to wander around the halls of Fort Mason, taste delicious wines, and carry them home with you.

On November 17-18, Harvest Hoopla will commence in San Francisco, where you can try it and buy it!  It’s like the RonCo Electric Food Dehytrator – Set it, and forget it!

I really enjoy this event, because as an experienced wineaux, I appreciate being able to taste the wines before I buy them.  Being in the city, I can visit Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Paso Robles, and more regions in one room – without leaving home.  Howe many times have you been to a tasting event and you haven’t been able to get the wines after?  The SF Vintners Market changed the way tasting events are run in San Francisco; as the first of it’s kind, they have paved the way for the federal land that Fort Mason sits on to allow special licensing to sell wine at tasting events.  Today, events like Family Winemakers and Rhone Rangers have followed suit, allowing exhibitors to sell wine at the tasting events.

Here, the Harvest Hoopla SFVM will showcase 200 wines from all over, with this tested try & buy methodology.  With wineries being added all the time, this is a not to miss event!

Tickets area available for $80 per day.  For access to the Reserve Room, tickets are $100 per day.  This year, there is an added Cult Wine Lounge, where exclusive wines will be poured.  A two day pass for the event with Cult Lounge access is $250.  Yes, tickets are a bit costly, but keep in mind that you have access to wines that you probably wouldn’t be able to taste other wise.  Additionally, keep your eyes out as the SFVM often releases tickets to flash sale sites as well (Goldstar currently has tickets available).

If you do go, please make sure to buy some wine!

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret.  If you’re interested in attending the SFVM, you can get a steal on tickets for the Craft Spirits Carnival!  Buy a ticket to the SFVM and get 70% off the CSC!  Simple use “sfvm” in the promo code box.

Happy sipping!

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