The Carlton Inn B&B is a beautiful old farmhouse  located just off the main square in Carlton, Oregon.  After dinner and after cocktails, Liza, Mary, Matt, Megan and I wandered down the road to check in with the Inn’s owner, Karen.  The rest of our posse was housed in various inns around Carlton, and I look forward to hearing more about their stays as well.

Having just bought the inn two weeks before our arrival, Karen was a lovely and welcoming hostess who gave us a tour and ensured that we had everything we needed.  With a background in hospitality and spa services, we knew we were in good hands.

Built in 1915, the house had four beautiful rooms.  The master room, which Megan & Matt were lodged in, had a sitting room with a day bed and could easily sleep 3-4.  Liza and Mary each had one of the other upstairs rooms, with gently sloping ceilings, and cozy beds.  I had the garden room, a large room just off the kitchen over looking the patio.

Karen showed us around, and then we assured her we were snug for the night so she could go on with her evening.  Our small group wandered back in to town to meet the rest of the crew, and had an impromptu raid on 7 of Hearts before bringing a few stragglers back to the Inn for a bit of wine and giggles.  Karen was welcoming and accommodating, and provided glasses, a lovely seating area on the patio, and even snacks for a few of our hungrier friends.

After several bottles of wine, we all hit the wall and the sack.  The comfortable rooms were snug, and came complete with plenty of electrical outlets and wifi throughout the house, to satisfy our needs for the interwebs.  Early bird Megan was up and tweeting before more the next morning!

The next morning, we woke up to fresh coffee, and a feast for breakfast!  Starting with Mud River coffee, in an endless carafe (thanks Karen!), we had homemade granola with yogurt.  This could have been breakfast enough, but we continued with fresh fruit.  Then, the main dish.  Karen swore she was experimenting, but this was an amazing breakfast of French Toast bread pudding, with slabs of butter and syrup, and of course – bacon.  Since we had to ensure that the new owner knew that bloggers run on bacon, we were pleased to see the delicious rashers appear.

This beautiful, quiet, and welcoming inn in the heart of wine country is a great deal – in the low season, rooms go from $139-159 per night.  In the high season, rooms go up a bit, but are still very reasonable.  Considering the feast we had for breakfast, I’m ok with it!  I know I will be coming back to visit as soon as I can.  Karen has plans to convert the garage in to a spa space, which I know will be wonderful.  Wine, breakfast for a King and a massage?  Why yes thank you, I think I will.

Thanks again for the great stay!

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