I don’t know about you, but those of us who live in the Bay Area understand this peculiar thing called Indian Summer.  It was the last day of September and finally, it’s got hot!  This called for some delicious white wine.  (Mind you it’s been raining, hailing and freezing for the last week, now that it’s November but…)

So I went to my trusty top shelf of my refrigerator  where I keep whites and rose for ready consumption  and found the Seven of Hearts 2011 Pinot Gris in my fridge, ripe for the opening.  I also happened to find a 2010 that was buried in there from a long ago visit!  WOOHOOO!  Vertical!

Pinot Gris is a bit of a dark hourse, being a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir.  Not white or red exactly, it literally is…gris (grey).  This Pinot Gris comes from a site in north eastern Oregon that typically has warm days and cool nights.  With the longer growing season of 2011, it was perfect for Pinot Gris.

Created from four lots, each one was fermented separately  three in neutral oak which allows the wine to really develop a personality.  The fourth lot was fermented in stainless steel, which gives the crisp brightness that lights up the wine.  This is a dry, delicious wonder that was bright and citrus driven, with lovely mineral notes followed by rich pears, stone fruit and ripe luscious peaches.  At only $18 a bottle, this is a no brainier

The 2011’s older sister, 2010, had been hiding in the back of my fridge.  When I found it I was excited to do a side by side.  The older vintage was a deep golden color, with rich peach flavors and spiced pear and tropical fruits, including kumquat.  The bottle age definitely made a difference, but the oak was more present, and baking spice, apple and vanilla were showing through.

These two sisters were a delightful summer reprieve and I was happy to enjoy them on a warm day.  I look forward to visiting Byron again soon!

Teh 2011 was provided as a sample, but I earned that 2010 all on my own!


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