We all know about the food delivery services, places like Seamless, GrubHub and Foodler.  But did you know about the local wine delivery service?

Rewinery, the San Francisco based wine delivery service, has been around for about a year.  While they have had some growing pains, and have had a few not so successful iterations (in my humble opinion), I am pleased to report that the latest move has proven successful, and delicious!

Initially conceived as a wine lovers Kozmo, the now defunct dot commie’s “I’ll delivery anything for a price” service, Rewinery has had premium wines, private label wines, and picnic baskets among its offers.  Now settling in to sophomore year, they have refined the offerings to be something for everything.

Filling a much needed sweet spot for corporate parties and gifts, Rewinery also provides great deals on some great wines for people that just need an extra few bottles for their party, or can’t get to the local wine shop.  Today, for example, one of the featured wines is a personal fave – La Posta Cocina Tinto.  This delicious red blend from Argentina is offered at a mere $15; with a $5 delivery fee, you can have a great wine for your evening sipping in no time!

This is no Two Buck Chuck delivery service!  Initially, I’ll admit, I as a bit disappointed the offerings.  There were low to mid market wines, that, frankly, weren’t worth the bike ride to delivery them.  Now, however, much like some of the flash sale sites, Rewinery is able to offer different wines on a frequent basis, with at least 3-4 red and white bottles to choose from.  Making good wines accessible is Rewinery’s goal.  They bring great wines to consumers at amazing prices and makes wine discovery fun, not intimidating or frustrating.  Located in downtown San Francisco, they are able to deliver wine within the city limits in under an hour.

With the variety of wine being offered, and the ability to get it on a whim – and even to time it with your pizza delivery, check out Rewinery today!

If you’d like to check it out for youself, click HERE (affilliate link)

Ordering credit was given for editorial consideration; however, I will happily spend my own money (and often do) on some of these tasty treats!  Thirsty Thursday anyone?

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