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I love to read.  I love pretty coffee table books.  And I love wine.
So what could be better than Rock and Vine,  a new book from Chelsea Print & Publishing that features 11 next generation wine professionals who are shaping the future of wine. The book releases tomorrow, and I have three copies to give away to my readers!
A look and the new generation of Napa, who seek to redefine and rock things up, these upstart young wine kids are planting new varietals, seeking out new talent, and turning family tradition on it’s head.
Featuring Ben the Bachelor of Envolve Wines, Dalia Ceja of Ceja Vineyards, and Morgan Peterson of Bedrock Wine Company to name a few – this book is sure to be a great way to transition the old guard.  With beautiful imagery and great


backstories on these young talents, you really should check it out.


I received a copy of this book for consideration.  All opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Rock that vine! **GIVEAWAY**”

  1. I love wine books too. It's refreshing to see the book is from the up-and-coming peeps, and reminds us that wine not a generational thing like it was for my parents or their friends — it's for everyone [of a legal drinking age 😉 ]

  2. I always enjoy new wine books. I like to read what others in our community are up to and learning who the people are who are impacting the industry. It’s great to stay ahead of the curve on what is trending and comparing those trends to the direction my own interests move in.

  3. Hey, I love to read, pretty books & wine, too! I like with each and the current culture around it, as it feels more inclusive: more about friends, family & food than it once did.

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