It’s Sunday here in Zagreb, and while the rain has let up, it’s misty and humid.  St. Catherin’s Cathedral is shrouded in a foggy curtain as it loom above the town square.

But who cares!  I’m in Croatia!  Croatia has long been on my list of must visit countries, and I”m glad I made it here in once piece.  Arriving in London yesterday, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was a bit trepidatious, visiting a new country, where the language is vastly different from the Western Europe Romance languages

But, to my delight, I was at once welcomed and treated to some spectacular service.  In the air, Croatian Airlines has a new program that is showing off both the regional cuisine and the the regional wines.  On this flight, they focused on Slovania, a rural, agriculture region east of Zagreb.

On the short flight from Heathrow to Zagreb, I tried the Galic Grasevina, a bright white, with lovely acidity and mineralogy that was refreshing and zingy.  With lime leaf, lemon, and low alcohol, this was a great introduction to the wine of the region.

The Croats are so proud of their wines, and they love to show them off.  This was evident as we got the hotel, and decided to do a little bar exploring.  The rain and jet lag kept us from venturing out, but the friendly bartender at the Bar Diana at the Westin took our direction easily, and excitedly picked wines for us to try.  “Do you like it?  Yes?” he continually asked.  “Yes!” Liza and I replied in unison, as we tried 3 delightful wines.

But more on those wines to come…

First impressions?  Friendly, open, welcoming.  Proud, strong, hard working.

Today we are off to explore some wine bars here in Zagreb, as well as the Museum of Broken Relationships, and…ice cream!

Tomorrow, the Three Mouskateers are off to Istria, to explore the dangling participle of Croatia, where the corssroads of Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia come together in a seaside wine focused cuisine.

Živjeli!  At some point, I will fight the battle with my electronics to figure out how to use the Slavic language buttons, but until then, please excuse any spelling variations.

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