Wow!  July is over, and August is coming.  Here in San Francisco, the fog has been thicker this year than it has in many summers past, which makes me both want to escape, and drink really great red wine.  Luckily, there are several events coming up in August that will allow you to do that!  Check out these great events in San Francisco and beyond:

August 3-5 – West of West
This celebration of the far west Sonoma County wineries is a great chance to explore the region in one place, and check out the latest urban wine center, The Barlow, in Sebastapol.  There are several events to choose from, from Winery Welcome dinners, to two Grand Tastings.  I can’t wait to check out some new wineries, and old favorites!

August 4 – SF Chefs Week actually started this week, and is a celebration of San Francisco’s food, wine and spirits culture.  Saturday, there are several events around the city to celebrate the end of the week including a DIY Cocktail Mixer (What???) and the 7% Solution Tasting tastings.  This is a great week to celebrate food!

August 11 – Wines with Altitude celebrates Lake County wines, and on Treasure Island on the 11th, you can taste these great wines that hover above Napa Valley in the southern Mayacamas Mountains, where high elevations create unique wines.  Taste the terroir!

August 17-18 is the penultimate California tasting, where Family Winemakers of California showcases over 200 wineries that are family owned, from large to tiny.  I love this event as it is a unique opportunity to taste many varietals in a single place.  This year, there are many new names on the participant list, and one of my favorite things is discovering new producers.

August 17 – Proejct Zin is the brainchild of restaurateur Charlie Palmer and winemaker Clay Mauirtson, to gather some of the most sought after zinfandel paired with great food.  This walkabout dinner will be an amazing chance to try both world class wines and world class food.

August 17 – Vendimia celebrates the Napa-Sonoma Mexican American Winemakers Association, which is dedicated to supporting Mexican American wineries as well as charitable causes.  This year, the party will be at Robledo Winery, which always has fantastic food, wine and music!

In addition to these great wine events, there are several great beer events happening as well.  But more on that later.  There is a lot more going on in September, but we’ll talk about that closer in!

Happy sipping!

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