logo Terra e ViniOur first night in Friuli was magical as we acended the steep stairs to our accomocation, Terra & Vini.  The group was split up, half staying at small cottages run by La Subida, the other half with us at Terra & Vini.  I’m not sure who got the better deal!

The inn and restaurant are located in the small village of Brazzano, a small outlying district of Cormòns, in a modern but historic osteria.  The large, spacious rooms had an open sitting area with a table, as well as a bedroom, and the view was overlooking the vineyards, giving us a great idea of the terroir.

As luck would have it, we were able to enjoy both breakfast and lunch at Terra & Vini, to truly get an idea of what she has to offer.  The 19th century tradition of the osteria makes this a speical place for any visit.

If you go, Terra & Vini is located just outside of Cormons, Italy, i the Friuli region in the cuff of the boat.  This is the cross roads of cultures, just a long arm from Istria (now Croatia), Slovenia, and Austria.  Room are spacicious and private, either above the osteria, or in a newer wing behind the restaurant.  Rooms average 95 Euros, and include a classic Italian breakfast of breads, meat, cheese, juices and coffee – and if you’re lucky, the yogurt of a local creamy that I will be telling you more about later.

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