After our adventures in Istria, the Wine Premacy made our way back to Zagreb to participate and attend theInternational Wine Tourism Conference.  This 2 days of whirlwind activity included several excellent seminars and great networking events.  My partner in crime, Liza, and I spoke in depth on how to attract people to your undiscovered gem of a region, while our Wine Premacy leader, Marcy, encouraged us to make an impact on regional tourism with Customized Wine, Food & Travel Guides.  But more on the conference later!

After these epic two days of sessions, dinners, and discussions, the press contingent dashed across the Slovenian / Italian / European Union border, to visit the wine region in the cuff of Italy’s boot, known as Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.   But first, we had to GET across the boarder.  As borders go, Croatia lies in a complicated region that, until July 1st, was not part of the European Union.  So, as luck would have it, when we tried to exit the country, we were subject to some rather Soviet-like inspections at the exit point.  But then…there was no man’s land!  This mile long stretch between Croatia and Slovenia marks the (former) end of non-EU lands and the EU, where you have to go through Slovenian border control, which is the entry point to the EU.  Let’s just say, we were biting our nails as we watched bus after bus carry their bags in to the tiny inspection station for further scrutiny.

Luckily for us, our bus driver was from Naples and wouldn’t allow such indignities to happen to his (mostly) American bus full of troublemakers.  After about an hour of sitting, and waiting, and hoping, and drinking…we were finally released in to Slovenia.  Let the adventure begin!



One thought on “Welcome to Friuli!”

  1. Whoo Hoo! THank goodness our Gerard Depardieu looka like Driver got us through! After all the ennui, he rocked getting us out of Croatia

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