Are you over turkey and cranberry sauce?  Done with wine pairings?  Well, Dishcrawl is at it again!  Bringing cocktail deliciosuness everywhere!  This season, they are launching Cocktail Wars, where North American mixologists from all over the country compete for the best, most creative, most delicious cocktails in 11 cities.

Here in the Bay Area, the first battle will be in San Jose on December 10th, which is co-hosted by Sacramento’s own Andrew Calisterio, current frontman at Maven San Francisco.

At the show, you can sit back and watch the panel of celebrity judges and hear the inspiration behind the drink while you sip some of the contenders.

But wait!  In January, to beat those mid-winter blues, you can also join the battle in San Francisco!  Stay tuned for more on that soon.

If you like a good, creative, inspired cocktail as much as I do – be sure not to miss it!  I’ll be there voting!

For tickets and more information please see Cocktail Wars!  Packages including tasting menus are available starting at $29.





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