Baby it’s cold outside!  Yes, even in the San Francisco Bay Area, we get chilly.  Fountains freezing in Napa, car windows frosting over in Berkeley.  That can mean only one thing – it;s time for the annual wine gift roundup!

From wine lovers, to wine snobs, there is something for everyone on your list, from the inexpensive to the extravagant.  While I haven’t included wine on purpose, these accessories can make – or break – the perfectly stocked wine cellar or bar.

  • CapaBunga Capabunga – these innovative bottle toppers are handy little buggers when you want to recork something for ready access.   A reusable silicone cap that reseals a bottle of wine, the concept was inspired by the bung caps that are used to reseal wine barrels.  Once you pop a Capabunga on your wine bottle, it’s air – and wine – tight.  No more spills if you knock the bottle over!  I am impressed by the usefulness of these gems, and at $7.95 for a pair, they are also great for resealing beer or champagne bottles.  I have had a bottle of bubbles still fizzy after a day in the fridge.   
  • Belle Vita Bottle Net Bella Vita Bottle net looks like a trivet or potholder when flat, but when stretched out, it becomes gift wrapping and a carrier all in wine.  These fun designs come in several colors with unique handles $4
  • Indigo Root Drink Dotzare fun and creative wine glass identification stickers.  Do you remember Colorforms?  You know, those sticky plastic things that you could affix to anything, and reuse, stick again, etc…well these are colorforms for drinkware!    For $10, you get a set of Drink Dotz and Wine Wrapps, which wrap the bottom of a wine stem.  What a fun party gift!  With creative designs and holiday themes, these are great for your next party and last forever.  Indigo Root also sells fun temporary fabric wall squares, called Tilez, which are perfect for apartment or dorm room decorating.  In fact, I’m going to decorate my apartment with some!
  • Soiree Opus gift set – there is no end to my love of the workhorse Wine Soiree Aerator, but this set is the Jaguar of the series.  For the wine lover who has everything, the Opus is a collection of Soiree Home’s greatest hits:
  1. Wine Soiree – the best wine aerator out there
  2. Stopair in bottle wine preservation system
  3. Tempour wine chiller – this frozen cylinder goes inside your wine bottle to keep a bottle cold or rapidly chill a bottle that is slightly too warm.

Happy Festivus!


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