It’s that time of year again – when gadgets and gifting items hit the shelves, and all sorts of new technology is released for the holiday gifting season.  One of these gadgets is a new preservation device called the VinEdge, which is new tool to help you save that leftover wine.  Yes, I know, generally speaking leftover wine is an hilarious joke in this house, but occasionally, especially when I am doing multiple bottle tastings, there will be a half bottle here or there.

So, to save that half bottle for the next night in the best possible way, there a few tricks.  First, you could just cork it back and put it in the fridge.  For a day or two, even for red wines, this works fine.  However, if you want to save the bottle for later in the week, you will need to block the oxygen from reaching the wine.  Remember, oxygen is only wine’s friend in the first 24-48 hours. After that, air can do nasty things to that bottle of Syrah you’ve been sipping on.

I’ve written about other preservation systems here before, from inert gas to vacuums to covers; some with more successful testing that others.  The VinEdge is similar to another system that physically covers the wine, and blocks the oxygen from reaching that precious juice.  However, there is a twist.

The VinEdge uses disposable inserts, similar to the Wine Shield, to cover your wine.  But, you also get a pour spout and delivery system that makes it unique.  This system incorporates a straw like delivery tube that delivers wine from under the cover, eliminating the oxidation that would normally occur over time.  Admittedly, i was skeptical at first given my history with preservation systems, but for $29.99 MSRP, including 10 disposable inserts (you can buy refills) it’s a pretty handy tool to have in the house if you don’t typically finish a bottle every night.  When you insert the VinEdge, a small tube with the cover is placed in the bottle.  The cover opens up and spreads out like a parachute, coveing the surface area of the wine.  As the wine is poured, the tube inflates, creating a vacuum and reducing the amount of air that touches the wine. Once bottle is empty, the spout is removed, leaving the detachable tube and cover n the bottle for easy cleanup.  Not bad!  Wine enthusiasts have long argued that the vacuum systems deplete wine of flavor and aromas, so this is a great alternative.

Grade:  B+  A great gift for the wine lover in your life!  Check it out – you can buy direct from VinEdge, Amazon, or  your favorite retailer.


This product was provided by the PR firm for consideration, but all messy experiments and taste testing were my own.



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