It’s’ almost Valentine’s Day.  You don’t have any thing special planned.  Maybe you don’t have someONE special.  Maybe you don’t care.  But, if you’re like me, you at least want a good bottle of wine and a trashy movie to celebrate the non-event with!  Luckily for you, I’m giving away one $50 gift card so you can check out!

Underground Cellar offers curated, limited edition wines with a twist – you can buy some great wines at great prices, get more bottles for free, and store them offsite with Underground Cellar until you’re ready to drink them.  Pretty sweet right?

Some of the current deals highlight some great wines by my friend Jon Phillips at Inspiration Vineyards, where you can get 6-14 bottles, starting at $25 a bottle.  Given the retail value of these babies, that’s a sweet deal.  The twist on these deals are the sweet “Upgrades”.  If you purchase wine, you unlock upgrades.  There might be 2 upgrades, or there might be 6.  These are limited quantity wines that Underground Cellars has specifically curated for you based on your buying patterns, and when you buy bottles from a collection, the bottles you purchased, which are selected from the offering pool, are upgraded to the special wines – for free.  Surprise!  Looking for some international flair?  Check out the Premium Whites selection, where if you purchase some yummy Sangiaciamo chardonnay, you just might take home a rare Chateauneuf blanc or a Kistler, highly coveted and very rare, chardonnay.

Underground Cellar offers everyone the option of storing their wine purchases in CloudCellar, a state of the art Napa wine cellar. Instead of choosing a shipping address at checkout, a customer can select CloudCellar and hold their wine there for as long as they’d like. When your CloudCellar has 6 bottles, you can ship your wine for only $5… and when you’re up to 12 bottles, the box ships for free. That’s great if you live in an extreme temperature zone and you don’t want to ship in the dead of winter or height of summer.

Want a chance to try it out for free? Answer the trivia question in Rafflecopter below and enter to win a $50 gift card!

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