We all know that wine apps for smart phones are hot right now.  I have about 40 installed on my iPhone as we speak, all n some sort of evaluation or user mode.  But what apps really mater?  What matters to consumers versus wineries?

Recently, I was tasked with writing about the top wine apps wine marketers should be using over on Nomacorc’s blog.  You’ll find the usual suspects over there but some other apps that didn’t make the final cut that I would strongly encourage you to look at as a consumer, in addition to Delectable and Vivino.
Crushed – let’s call it Facebook for while.  While it seems like somewhat of an isolated social community, it is a fantastic place for wine novices to learn, discuss, and make new friends.

NextGlass – there is a brand spanking new release with loads of new features!  Check it out.  Built on a social sharing model, you can review and share with your friends.

Hello Vino – Hello Vino has always been a great place to go for reviews, and to find a great wine.  Rick Breslin has been a great friend to bloggers, often featuring our reviews on the app, to share with a broader audience.  HelloVino also has the added bonus of being a shopping app, so you don’t have to go source the wine.

Want to read more?  Check out the original article here!  And remember, what’s good for the consumer, is not always good for the trade.


What are your favorite wine apps?  Why?



2 thoughts on “Wine apps YOU should be using!”

    1. One of many great choices! For consumers, there is a whole bevy of other apps that are great. But that is another story!

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