Blogging is hard work.  Sometimes, those who don’t blog, or write, don’t understand the level of effort required to write well, write consistently, and write often.  Occasionally, this leads to the dreaded apathy – or writer’s block.  Currently, I’m going through an extended period of blocked apathy, which can be very frustrating for someone who likes to be a storyteller.

So how does one combat this malady?  The question is unique to every writer, but for me it’s about clearing out the cobwebs and old posts, and starting fresh with new inspiration.  Gone are the 100 drafts of ideas I might “some day” get around to writing.

Instead, I am starting Fall 2015 with a clean slate, and thinking of new ways to share my thoughts on wine, whiskey, food, and travel here on Luscious Lushes.  While some old subject matter might reappear (realistically, how can it not?), I am moving forward with a fresh outlook.

Like many bloggers, balancing a full time job (or jobs), friends, family and the reality of life can bog you down and make it difficult to stay inspired.  So what do you do to stay inspired?  How do you stay on track, particularly during a change of seasons, career, or when life throws you a curve ball?

Happy Autumn!

2 thoughts on “Starting Fresh”

  1. Amen to that! It is hard to stay on task. For me, it's all about scheduling. I have to make sure my writing time is scheduled. While it's romantic to think that I'll just be able to write whenever inspired, reality rarely permits that. So I try to give myself 30 minutes every night to at least to get down my thoughts. Even then it's tough. And for me, since blogging isn't just about writing, but creating a well-designed blog posts (since everyone likes pictures and variety), writing is only half the battle.

    1. Agreed! I try to schedule time for writing, but as I'm sure you can sympathize with, that often gets blown to bits.
      For me, I find it's easier to spend a block of time focusing on writing, vs small chucks when I can get distracted. Of course, being on the computer 8-10 hours a day for my day job makes it even harder to commit a Saturday morning to the computer, but I need to give myself a kick in teh pants.
      And yes; writing is half the battle, but the most difficult half – particularly if you can't get the creative block out of your head.
      But that said, hopefully today I will get some drafts sketched out of winery reviews, and start on my holiday gift guides!
      Cheers Chad!

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