You know the scene:  You’re at a party, enjoying a lovely glass of wine, when you set your glass down and walk away.  Five minutes later you come back to find that your glass has magically dissipated!

How do you prevent glass thievery from occurring?  Well, there are pens.  There are charms.  There are stickers.  Personally, I’ve always been a fan of wine charms, as they can be handmade, or come in unique configurations.

I have made my own from both beads, baubles, and Shirnky Dinks.  So when Shannon from the Bohemian Trading Post contacted me about her products, I was excited to have the chance to check them out.

These are not your average wine charm!  The heavy weight and quarter sized charms are easy to read, and hard to miss, and come in a variety of silly, sexy, retro, or snarky pictures and slogans.  For $17.99, you get four charms, and there are several sets to choose from.  "Wine a Little" Wine Glass Charms - Set of 4:

Having a girls night in?  Check out the Snarky Women!  I Drink Because You’re Boring, I’m too sober for this, and Dinner is poured are perfect for any coffee klatch.  Scary movie night?  Get the Retro Creep Show set!

I love these, and recommend these hand made, quirky, fun charms for your Mother’s Day, Graduation (college, please!) and other Spring gifting.

There are seasonal specializes as well, so check back from fun holiday items like 4th of July and Holiday!

With dozen of other products, from hair barrettes to rings and other jewelry, Bohemian Trading Post was founded on creative and quality.  I’d say they hit the mark with these charms, and I look forward to collecting more.  I love accessories that are functional, pretty, and  unique, and BTP fits the bill. Check out their website!

Thank you Sharon for creating a special set just for me!   


2 thoughts on “They are so charming!”

  1. Around our house, wine glass charms are essential! Since we have no sense of proportion, that means that we have charms for every season and every personality. Just selecting your charm for the day can take a while!

    Our only problem is remembering to take them off before the wine glasses go in the dishwasher. Those little critter get everywhere!

    1. LOL! I know the feeling! That's why I really liked these; they are weighty and sizable and snarky and harder to get lost!

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