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It’s hard to believe that September is already here, particularly with temps breaking records all over the Bay Area.

What do you do when it’s 85 at 7am in a city that rarely reaches 80 in general?  You reach for some fun white wines!  One of my favorite white wines that often gets a bad rap is Riesling.  With the diversity of styles from bone dry to sticky sweet, and price points from $10 to $100, there is a Riesling for everyone.  As we approach the holiday season, think Riesling for Thanksgiving, brunch and all of your family get togethers.

From sweet to searingly dry, spicy and intriguing, Riesling is the perfect wine for any time, given it’s wide variety of styles, regions, and – sweetness.  If you’re not sure how to pick your Riesling, check out my previous post on the German Wine Classification system here.


Today, I have two great examples of affordable, fun, sassy, sexy German Riesling.

Today, I bring you the Weingut Heitlinger Schellenbrunnen 2014 Riesling, from Tiefenbacher, Schellenbrunnen.  This Troken (dry) white wine is just as luscious as they come, with ripe pear, a nutty note that hides the classic diesel / petrol notes, tropical flavors of quince and guava.  The rich toasty marshmallow envelops spicy ginger and tickles your taste buds.  With a budget friendly price tag of under $15, this is perfect for fruit salad or lighter dishes.


Stay tuned for more Wines of Germany to come!


Cheers!  Thanks to the Wines of Germany and RF Binder for sharing this delightful representation of the diversity of Riesling!



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