I am a technology professional, who founded my consulting business, Vine Wire Consulting, in 2013 after 20 years in Silicon Valley with the goal to serve the growing technology needs of the wine industry.  I am also a successful wine & spirits blogger who co-founded the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship, and speak on topics of networking, social media strategy and building your brand.

Recently, I earned my Certified Specialist of Spirits credential, and I also hold my Certified Specialist of Wine credential.

This spring, I will embark on my MBA journey, specializing in creating and delivering more expertise in the wine industry via the Wine MBA program at Sonoma State University.  This is just the latest stop in my plan for wine world domination!

I enjoy travel, amateur mixology and photography as well as a great glass of pinot noir.


  • Hi Thea,

    Can I publish your name in the write-up I'm doing on your blog? Can you give me the correct spelling?

    Also, can you add Mutineer Magazine to your blog roll?



  • Hi Alan! Sorry – i didnt' see this til now. You bet on all counts.

  • Thea — I'd be honored if you included both Drink Charitably on your blogroll. I'm adding yours to mine now!

  • Love your site. I'm adding you to my blog roll, I was wondering if you cold add my site to yours.


  • Thanks Grape! Adding you now 🙂

  • Enjoy your blog, Thea, and adding you to my blogroll. Would you add me too? Thanks!

  • Dee Wineo

    I have been reading your blog for about 2 months now and just wanted to say thank you for the information and the entertainment. I know you are busy but I was wondering if you have any advise for someone who is starting there own wine, food and drink blog?

    I was also wondering if I could link you on my blog (figured it would be rude to do without asking)?

  • Hi Dee!

    First, thanks so much for reading! Second, of course. Just tell me what you would like to know and I'd be happy to give you my 2 cents. I think the MOST important thing is to find a theme that you want to write about. A region, travel, etc. My theme is local happenings and things I have seen in the wine-universe.

    Shoot me the link and any questions at thea at lusciouslushes dot com and I'll add you to my blog roll!

    Looking forward to reading.



  • Dee Wineo

    thank you so much. I literally just started posting yesterday but hope to get 1 or 2 posts a week up.

    Picking a theme is a great idea, I just was goin' to stumble around blindly….lol

    Thank you for adding me to your blogroll, and you are officially my first link.


  • Dee Wineo

    here is the link to my blog http://deewineo.wordpress.com/

    thanks again

  • Hi darling Thea. I need to chat with you about cyberworld, stickers and help! I don't get it! But my little Thea does. 707.763.1700. Mama Marino

  • Thea, this is awesome – I can't believe it's taken me this long to find your blog! I'll be following along now for sure. If you dig it, do you mind adding me to your blogroll as well? Cheers!

  • I really appreciate the way people have started writing about travelling. around five years or so, It was pretty difficult to get articles related to travel and travel guides online. I must really appreciate people who write this. I mean they travel and it is expensive and they write about the what they see and writing is really a time consuming effort. Respect.

  • Hey there, glad to learn your about!! You're an inspiring and passionate blogger. I really enjoyed been spending time here. Thanks.

  • Hi Thea! Just discovered you and I am not sure what took me so long!!
    I have loved your postings so far.
    How do I subscribe? We are wine lovers, vineyard owners (5 to be exact) and make lots and lots of wine 🙂
    Cheers – thanks for all you do…
    Eve Holloran

    • winebratsf

      Hi Eve!

      sorry for the delay, my comments weren't working. You can subscribe via email in the upper right – or by Feedly.

      Cheers! And would love to hear about your vineyards.

  • Hi
    Alcohol profesor in education 🙂 That's something…

  • You're an inspiring and passionate blogger. I really enjoyed been spending time here. Thanks.

  • Great to see that you keep going from strength to strength!

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