If you are a winery, wine marketing, brewery, beer marketing or other luxury goods manufacturer related to the adult beverage business, or related PR company, and you think I might be interested in checking out your product, I do accept samples.

Please note the following caveat if you are interested in sending me samples:

I will make every effort to examine, taste, or otherwise try your product in a timely fashion.  I do not, however, promise to review them or promise to review in a positive light.   I will give my honest feedback, sometimes negative, which is my own person opion and not influcenced by anyone else.

Furthermore, I often visit wineries / breweries, and attend events that are paid for or comped as trade due to my relationship with the industry.  I spend vastly more on wine and related activities than I receive in free product.

If you are ok with that, please feel free to contact me regarding samples or site visits:

Email: thea@lusciouslushes.com
Twitter: @luscious_lushes


Thea Dwelle

3450 Sacramento St.

San Francisco, CA 94118

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