Live Blogging: Trione Red Wine

The 2009 Trione Red Wine is a Bordeaux style wine, from Alexander Valley in northern Sonoma County.

69% Cabernet

12% Merlot

7% Petite Verdot

6% Malbec


This elegant and velvety wine was fermented separately and then blended after vinification.  Classic flavors of cassis, blueberries and deep blue and red fruits this is a great bottle for a steak.  $48

Jordan Royalty

Sitting on the mountaintop overlooking Alexander Valley, Dry Creek and Geyserville, you might feel like doing your best Leonardo DiCaprio impression from Titanic.  I’m the king queen of the world!

Jordan Vineyards & Winery was founded in 1976, with a passion for world class Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, made in the heart of Sonoma.  Today, that vision has grown to include a showcase for the local terroir, as well as a focus on sustainability and stewardship of the land that the vineyards are planted on.  From solar panels to water treatment facilities, Jordan strives to maintain the land that produces these beautiful wines.

On a gorgeous late summer day, I joined a group of fellow bloggers to preview the newest tour & tasting offering, the Estate Tour & Tasting.  This 3 hour tour will make you feel like you are Gilligan, lost in the rolling hills of oak trees and back acreage, but you will soon be found in your glass of wine and several stops along the way.

Meanding down from the main chateau and tasting area, the first stop is in the gardens, where the produce for Chef Todd Knoll’s culinary program.  Having had several meals at


Jordan, I know first hand what amazing vegetables can do for a meal.  Wandering through the rows of raspberries, roses, and veg, we had a mini feast of summer tomatos and fruit before boarding the newly christened (and air conditioned) Jordan shuttle for our next stop on the tour.

Next up, Seven Oaks is a stand of oak trees surrounding a new tasting bar, with sweeping views of the lake and olive orchards.  Here at Seven Oaks, we tasted two vintages of Chardonnay, paired with bento boxes of fresh vegetable sushi.  My favorite was the 2011, with beautiful crisp green apple and citrus fruit, with a healthy dose of white necterine.  The 2010 was equally beuatiful if not differnt.  The 2010 was a classic California Chardonnay, but more restrained, with creamy golden delicious apple, pear, vanilla, and baking spice.  Two yin and yang experiences, refreshingly chilled on a hot day.

IMG_2910 IMG_2909


At Creekside Landing, on next stop, we strolled through the vines heavy with Malbec and Petite Verdot grapes, and tasted the componant grapes that go in the Jordan’s Cabernet program.  If you haven’t tasted fruit off the vine, this is a once in a lifetime opportuinty to taste the tannic Malbec skins, and the rich ripe flesh of Petite Verdot!



At our final stop on the tour, with the time going all too fast, we reach the crest of the hill at Vista Point.  This open air gazebo has 360 degree views of Alexander Valley, Geyserville, and peeps of Dry Creek and Chalk Hill and is an amazing viewpoint for sunset.  There wasn’t a bad seat in the house, as we sat down to enjoy our tasting of Cabernet and nibbles.

IMG_2947Starting with local cheeses, artisan bread and Jordan’s olive oil, we moved on to Sonoma miso beef, served with mushrooms and endive.  Both courses were paired with the 2002 and 2009 Cabernets, two amazing examples of what can be achieved here in Alexander Valley.  The amazingly fresh 2002 tasted as if it were just bottled, and was well integrated with earthy black pepper notes and blue fruit jumping out of the glass.  The 2009, by comparison, was fresh, lively and young – and still delicious – with blackberry, lavender, and herbs de provence.  As we sat chatting and tasting, it was easy to see our glasses emptied and refilled as we sighed away the afternoon on the mountain top.IMG_2951

From the wine lover to the wine geek, the Jordan Estate Tour & Tasting is the perfect experience for any one who wants to learn more about the proprey and the products produced here.  For $120 per person, you have an amazing experience to remember.IMG_2942IMG_2941

The bloggers on this preview tour were guests of Jordan Winery


Rockaway baby on the hilltop, take 2~

Here we are, several years later, and the Rockaway blogger scandal of past years is – I hope – a distant memory.

2007 Rockaway Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley*The fog has come in, fall is rearing it’s ugly head after a teaser week of Indian Summer, and I wanted a big red wine.

The 2007 Rodney Strong Rockaway Cabernet Sauvignon is from the vineyard of the same name in Alexander Valley, somewhere between 225 and 700 feet in elevation.  This 100% Cab is a huge monster right out of the bottle, with bitter chocolate, espresso, chicory and blackberry notes followed by cedar & menthol.

When I run this through an aerator, it immediately softens up to show more of the blackberry, but the black licorice is also coming forward.  Underlying the leather and subtle black pepper there is a tinge of cherry fruit.

One hour, three aerators and some other wine later, it was luscious and rich with mellow tannins.  A touch of chewy leather remained but mostly what was left was dark blue and black fruit covered in dark chocolate.

I can see this wine being an excellent match with a big piece of steak, after some time in the decanter.  If you want to splurge and impress yoru friends by not buying Napa, TRY IT!


Thanks to Rodney Strong for sending me another tasty winter treat!

O Brother, where fort art thou?

So, you’ve seen my post on the little wine called Rockaway.  This wine is other half of Rodney Strong’s single vineyard high end Cabernet project, called Brothers Ridge
.  This vineyard sits between 400-1030 feet, in the hills above Cloverdale, and while it shares many similarities with Rockaway it is a very different wine and I enjoyed it for different reasons.

I did not use the Eisch glass this time, but I did decant this wine for about an hour before some old friends came to dinner the night before Thanksgiving.  Given that it was a celebration meal, I thought it was the right time to open something special.

This wine is rich rich rich, full of chocolate and coffee, with a hint of leather.  Even before I had it in the decanter, it was smooth and rich and simply lovely.  I tasted dark cherries, ceder, blackberries and cassis.  It was a chewy wine and had hints of beef jerky.  I truly loved this wine, even more than the Rockaway.   Part of it’s allure was the kick of chili pepper at the finish which surprises and delights.

I especially enjoyed the oak treatment of this wine, as it was subtle and deliciously matured for 22 months in 42% new French Oak, which has a terrific blaance and doesn’t overdo anything.

I would definitely splurge on this wine for a special dinner, but as it’s allocation only you should get in while you still can, and decide if you want to buy it when they release the next round.

Happy drinking!

This wine was provided by Rodney Strong, and as much as I would sometimes like to – I didn’t harm my brother while drinking it.  I also didn’t share, which well, is his bad for not being around :-p