Battledish: 2013

Have you heard of Dishcrawl?  It’s a craze that’s sweeping the nation, where like-minded foodies get together on a themed “dish” crawl.  Much like the traditionally bar crawl, each Dishcrawl stops at several locations; typically themed around a food or a neighborhood, it’s an amazingly fun way to meet new people, discover new restaurants, and enjoy some really awesome grub. Now, Dishcrawl has launched a new event to focus on the food truck craze!

Battledish will be hosting events all over the country, including Seattle, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C.  Lucky us, the first event will take place here in the Bay Area – at San Mateo’s Bay Meadows Expo Center!

As in most metro areas, food truck culture is huge here.  From Off the Grid here in San Francisco, to lunch time random truck-ness, there is nary a time when a delectable food truck isn’t a stone’s throw away.  This makes my taste buds very very happy! On October 5th, Battledish is sure to be an entertaining afternoon, with food truck chefs competing for the best dishes!  With 15 food trucks and 30 dishes, only one can win.  Featuring new concepts from your favorite food trucks, you can join in the fun and be a beta tester too!  Entry to the event is $10, and you can enhance your experience with one of the ticket packages that include food, beer, wine and spirits. Here’s a few of the trucks that will be featured at the event:

  • We Sushi – Lobster Taco, BBQ Albacore, Vegan Taco
  • Tia Maria – Beef Picadillo, Chicken Afritada, Fresh Vegetable Lumpia
  • Cluck It Up – Mini Mochiko Chicken Sliders, Won Ton Tacos with Honey Sriracha Chicken, Garlic Fries
  • Frozen Kuhsterd – Mini Dynamo Donut Sandwich, Napa Style Sundae, Boba Guys Sundae

There are fives titles to be won, including:  Most Delicious, Most Creative, Best Modern, Best Cocktail, Most Authentic. Stay tuned, because every week in preparation to the event, a new dish and truck will be revealed!
Now for the fun part.  Be your own judge!  The ticket packages below allow you to nibble your way through some, or all, of the tasty treats being offered, plus, beer!

  • Teaser Package: 6 Chef Dishes: $35 – Try six dishes with this package! (6 tickets valued at $5 each for food and/or drink). Includes Admission.
  • Gourmand: Chef Dishes with all 15 food truck chefs: $80 – Get your belly full by trying a full collection of dishes from all 15 chefs with this package! (15 tickets valued at $5 each for food) Includes Admission.
  • VIP: Dishes and Drinks at all 15 trucks, Beer Tasting, and swag bag: $100 – The VIP package includes 15 food dishes and 1 Beer Tasting, and swag bags.
  • Admission with Beer Tasting: $25 – This includes a drink wristband good for a 5-beer tasting as well as admission into the event.  (food packages sold separately)
  • Just added!  Wine Tasting Package sponsored by my friends at Uncorked Ventures!  For an additional $10 you can taste a flight of 5 wines.  Remember to use the promo code below!

What else could you ask for on a glorious late summer afternoon?  Yes here in Bay Area, it’s still summer.  Hey guess what?  I’ve been invited to be a judge!  Why is that so cool?  Well because I get to give YOU a super duper awesome discount!  Just enter “lusciouslushes” in the promo code for $10 off any package (or free entry).
See you there!



Barcelona is for…

Welcome back! Here we are, on day 1 or day 2, depending on how you look at it,of my whirlwind spin through Barcelona, Penedes, and Priorat.

Getting here was certainly enough of and adventure for anyone, let alone someone that is 5’11” and mostly legs, not to mention a tad wider than the last time she few coach.

To catch you up, I left my house at 11:00 PST on March 10th. After spending at least 1.5 hours in the check in line – which in itself i absurd for an international departure, it then took another 30+ minutes to clear security and enter the International Departures hall in SFO.

Lucky me, I somehow managed not only to score a middle seat, I also managed to achieve that travel mecca – the completely full but not yet overbooked plane. Now, I would have happily given up my fabulous middle seat if it had meant taking a flight that either was not sardine city, or that my possibilities of getting a coveted upgrade (ha fat chance!) were more than 1 billion to one.

So there I sat, in my spiffy middle seat. Luckily, I shelled out the extra fee for the extra leg room, because honestly if I had not, this would not have been pretty. As it was, my middle seat was the next to last row in Economy Plus. That would have been perfectly fine, because my seat mates were really nice fellows, until…

After watching the first movie and eating a rather unsatisfactory lunch, I downed two melatonin in the hopes that I could catch at least a few hours of shuteye, knowing that I arrived in Frankfurt at 9:30am. Well, that apparently was not going to happen.

I am pleased to report that the row behind me was occupied with three people who simply should not keep their traps shut. Even after multiple announcements by the flight crew to please close your window shades, be quiet and let people rest due to the very short night, what I heard for the next 13 hours (and I do not exaggerate when I say this) was the equivalent of 2 nine year old boys playing Angry Birds. Now this was not the soft lilt of a French accent. This was the percussive staccato of two — increasingly inebriated — Germans — who would. not. shut. up.

To add a sprinkling of joy to this situation, which could be heard through both earplugs and headphones, two older gentlemen were having a rather animated conversation in the emergency exit row immediately behind my German buddies. And what I mean by animated is loud. Why they felt that it was their right to stand there, in front of the people who lucked out and got the exit row who were also trying to sleep, is beyond me.

So here we are, in Frankfurt. No sleep. No brain cells. It’s really only 1am my time since we had just switched to Daylight Savings Time, but I was zonked. Of course, I had 3 hours to kill in the airport. Unbeknownst to me, once you exit the United/Lufthansa International Terminal, you kinda enter no man’s land. There was literally one cafe which was a mix of German airport food and Asian fusion. Hrm ok…After 2 coffees and 2 stale pretzels for lunch, and several tours down the A concourse, I discovered some additioanl shoping optinos, but at that point I had to board my second hop.

Would you like to make a guess as to how many school groups can fit on one Airbus 320? C’mon! Guess! I’m thinking about 100. The airport was teeming with mostly American school groups which were clearnly on spring break. It warmed my heart to hear the hacking coughs that were about to get on my flight.

Things observed to this point:

    • Travelling for just under 22 hours is less than desireable. Do whatever you need to to make it faster, more direct, or break it up.
    • Smoking cubbies are bizarre, tiny enclosed boxes where you walk in, light up and walk out with more smoke in your clothes than in yoru lungs.
    • While you are not allowed to smoke in the airports, you can smoke in cubbies, and everyone still smokes like chimmeys, particularly in Germany and Spain.
    • March is school group travel time. There are hundreds of French adn American stuhigh school students wandering around Barcelona
    • Get to the tourist sights EARLY or you will be in line fo rabout six years.

My feet hurt, and my still not reparied foot is about the size of a basketball. Remember your drugs when you are on a plane for that long!

More importantly, Barcelona is lovely. It’s in the mid-60s, the beer is great, and while there are crowds in the touristy sections of town, it’s also a wonderful old rambly city.

This afternoon I’m off to Penedes to learn about Cava. There will be a siesta in my very near future! Happy tavels!