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A Graceful Grenache

August 24, 2012 winebratsf 0

When I first met Angela Osbourne, she was working with the Natural Process Alliance (NPA) in Santa Rosa in 2010.  I had the opportunity to […]

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Ranchero Cellars

June 5, 2012 winebratsf 0

Ranchero Cellars is a small winery, based in Paso Robles.  When visiting for Hospice du Rhone this year, I made it a point to visit […]

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On the table top…

May 5, 2011 winebratsf 0

It’s Thursday, and I”m back in Paso Robles for Hospice du Rhone, the annual extravaganza showcasing the 22 Rhone Varietals from around the world.  Since […]