Bottle Shock REVIEW

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Last night I was lucky enough (OK, so I paid) to attend the San Francisco premier of Bottle Shock as well as a modern day interpretation of the Judgment of Paris. Prior to the screening, we convened at Crushpad to taste 5 chardonnays and 5 Cabernet blends, to see if the current results would match or best the original 1976 tasting. At the same time, i wanted to present myself with a personal challenge and see if I could (accurately) guess which wines being tasting were French, and which were from California. First, my tasting results, as compared to the crowd’s popular vote at our recreation, and the results in 1976. First, my results: Chardonnay My Place Wine # Popular Vote Origin? 1st Wine 2 2nd France 2nd Wine 5 CA 3rd Wine 4 1st CA 4th Wine 3 France 5th Wine 1 2nd tie CA Cabernet My Place Wine # Popular Vote Origin? 1st Wine 6 but it was a very close battle with my 2nd place winner 2nd CA 2nd Wine 10 1st CA 3rd Wine 7 France 4th Wine 9 CA 5th Wine 8 3rd France   Now that you’re wonder what the hell these wines were, here are the actual bottles we tasted (and if they were tasted in ’76, where they placed: Wine # Wine Crushpad Result 1976 Result Origin Wine 1 2005 Gustavo Thrace 2nd (tie) – CA Wine 2 2005 Girardin Meursault Charmes Du Dessus Premier Cru 2nd France Wine 3 2005 Puligny-Montrachet Clavillon Domaine Leflaive Premier Cru 8th France Wine 4 2006 Chateau Montelena 1st 1st CA Wine 5 2006 Freemark Abbey Winery 2nd 6th CA Cabernet Wine # Wine Crushpad Result 1976 Result Origin Wine 6 2004 Freemark Abbey Winery Bosche Vineyard 2nd 10th CA Wine 7 2004 Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2nd France Wine 8 2004 Chateau Montrose 6th France Wine 9 2004 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars SLV 3rd 3rd CA Wine 10 2004 Ridge Monte Bello 1st So now that I’ve completely confused you – a question: Are palates demographically and attuned? It it in our genes to like particular wines, or is it what wines we have been given as we are training our palates? Now! On to the movie! First, let me tell you how important it is to be able to bring wine in to the movies, particularly if the movie is, well, about wine. Fortunately, the Sundance Kabuki has a wine bar with balcony seating, that allows you to order wine and food for your enjoyment in the theater. You might think that this is sacrilege, but what better to go with a campy soap opera treatment of the wine wars than a nice glass of wine & a nibble? They have done a great job revamping this San Francisco institution, and include soft liek seating with cocktail tables every two seats int he balcony. For all this cozy atmosphere, you only pay $1.50 plus food, which brings the ticket price to $11.50. Doesn’t seem like […]