Support your local grape!

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As I was reading through my backlog of blogs, I came across my favorite Caveman, Mike Wangbickler, who reminded me that this week is the second annual Regional Wine Week. I’ve long been an advocate of shopping locally to somehow, in some tiny way, support my local merchants.  It can be challenging and expensive in some arenas, and just plain fun in others.  Living on the Left Coast, I am an hours drive from at least 5 world class wine regions, and this affords me a bit of luxury when drinking locally.  Yes, I know it will cost a bit more to support a small business, but isn’t it worth it? Regional Wine Week is the genius of‘s Jeff Siegel and and WineLine”s David McIntyre (also of the Washington Post) who gathered a few wine writers to talk about their respective regions’ wines at the same time.  With 40 participants talking about their local juice, it was a great success and spawned the website. DrinkLocalWine gives readers a single source access point to read about different wine regions.  They are aggregating the psots during Regional Wine Week, and is really opening up doors for some lesser known areas producing areas in the US and worldwide. For me, it’s too easy to pick Sonoma or Napa.  I live in San Francisco, the hotbed of technology and wine, where there are at least 5 wineries in the city limits, and many more using coop facilities and there are at least 20 member producers of the SF Wine Association.  I’m going to drink local this week, starting off with Vie Winery, maybe a little Sol Rouge, and perhaps sipping a bit of Blue Cellars.  I don’t have any AP Vin sadly, so you’ll just have to write about that yourselves! I encourage you to go out and find somethign produced locally, and even better, owned locally.  If I could raid my friend Andy’s backyard for his Garagiste syrah I would, but sources tell me this might not be the best idea. I hope to read some entertaining posts! Google