Pop! Goes the tweet

The other day, I was sitting at home after a typically whacky day at work, trying to decompress, when the nice UPS driver popped by.  After I got over my shock and amazement at the fact i was actually HOME at the time, since this is against UPS edict in my world, I was pleasantly surprised to find a “tweet” of Zonin Prosecco waiting for me.

What is a tweet of Prosecco you ask?  In this case, is it a 187ml bottle of Zonin Prosecco, packed up by an enterprising creative team at Benson Marketing Group.  my happenstance, and happy coincidence, the sender was actually another Thea, which makes this bubbles from Thea to Thea.

Prosecco is one of the Italian sparkling wines, which has grown over 15% in market share since 2009.  At $4 for the split, and $15 for the bottle, this is a great alternative to champagne in these budget conscience times.

The Prosecco OG Brut is the palest of straw colored, and is 100% Prosecco.  This is one of several Italian sparklers, and is the best selling sparkling wine in Europe.  Prosecco is typically off-dry, so it a great brunch wine, aperitif, or anytime treat when you don’t care for the Extra Brut offerings elsewhere.  This wine was made in the Charmat method.  This is the typical Italian way of making sparking wine, in which the wine undergoes its secondary fermentation in tanks, instead of in the bottle.  the resulting sparkling wine is then bottled under pressure.

On the palate, I taste brioche grand marnier french toast, apples, and marzipan, while I smelled apple blossoms and ginger.  Considering that this is only $15, my Prosecco snobbery has been broken.  Gone are my thoughts of sweet, cheap sparkling wine, and in are my mm mm good tweets!  You can follow Zonin at @zoninprosecco.

Yummy Mummy

There are few things nicer in this world than a cup full of cheer during the holidays.  in this case, it’s a bit of a bubble, in the form of MummNapa Valley.

Mumm Napa is a division of the classic french house Mumm, which has been producing sparkling wines of distinction for almost 200 years.  The von Mumm family, can be traced back to the 12th century. In 1761, Peter Arnold Mumm started the wine business which continues today.

Cuvee M
is a value priced sparkler, at $20 and is a pleasant, if simple offering.  I found it a touch sweet for my personal taste, but very nice in a Pomegranate Mimosa.  There were strong flavors of honey, peaches, strawberries, and buttered caramel, nectarine, and some caramel notes.  Pair this with some Christmas cookies, and it’s a STRONG BUY for value and great taste.

Mumm Brut Prestige is more my style, crisp and lean.  This sparkler is made from over 50 different sources in Napa valley, and is crisp with zesty citrus flavors followed by yeasty and vanilla.  For only $20 (usually less retail) it is a great wine to celebrate the every day.  I had this with Thai Food on New Year’s Eve and it went wonderfully with the spicy curry as the crisp acidity cut through the creaminess of the coconut milk.  STRONG BUY

I used to be a Mumm club member many  years ago, and I still enjoy sitting on the deck on the Silverado Trail, sipping bubbly, watching the vineyards on a warm summer day.    With 13 sparklers and several more still wines, this should be a stop any on any oenophiles tour of Napa.

Bubbles were provided by Mumm Napa Valley, Thai Food provided by my blood swear and tears, as well as Tawan’s Thai Food.


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